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Personal Loans for the Poor
Dedicated to people in need of a personal loan for basic needs regardless of your situations.

Years ago, I started a site called The site has grown over the years, and I continue to hear from hundreds if not thousands of people each month. I have a personal passion to help people in need and take time to read each and every email! I spotted one common thread, people do not have money for BASIC NEEDS.

People in need are more eager to repay loans because they realize the value of money. Many visitors to Personal Loans for the Poor simply need a loan but are unable to get one, because they do not have credit or the credit they do have is bad. My goal is to find companies willing to make personal loans to the poor REGARDLESS of income.

If you have little to no money and need a loan or credit for basic needs (dental care, medical care, roof over your head, etc.), you have come to the right place! First, you need to understand that a personal loan means a committment to repay. Regardless of what you can afford, a committment to repay means everything to a lender. If you can only afford $10 per month, not a problem ... $10 per month is a starting point to repay any given personal loan.

We have all been in a situation where we simply need some financial help. A personal loan to help pay bills for whatever reason. I have received countless emails over the last few years from people who need a loan for basic needs such as dental care, utilities and medicine. May people tell me they are willing to apply for a personal loan but have low paying jobs or receive unemployment or disability.

If you have income of any amount and can set aside a limited amount of money for your basic needs, you may qualify for a personal loan. Criteria to receive a personal loan will vary from lender to lender. The greater the risk, the higher the rates. Unfortunately, that is the downside. Lending institutions must charge higher rates to cover their risks in the event you are unable to repay.

I personally understand the sincerity of those is need of money for basic needs. People in dire need of a personal loan are much more reliable for repayment compared to the average consumer. Why? because they have been in the trenches of life and can truly appreciate the value of a dollar. To the visitors of this site - you have my committment to do everything I can to help. You are welcome to send an email with questions, thoughts, etc. Take a moment to Shout It Out! and feel better:)

Financial Freebies

As I promote this site, I will receive special offers from lenders to help those in need. Some of the offers are better than others, but they are still great. If you would like to added to the list of freebies, please submit your email address using the following:

Recent Comments
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"I am grateful to have found your dental site! Without it, I would not have found! I received a loan to fix all my dental problems! Thank you for your site!" ... Jackie

"Thanks! I received my personal loan today and used the money to payoff overdue credit cards. I now have money left over to pay for some much needed meds." ... Pete

"A quick thanks! Great site for a great cause! Keep up the good work!" ... Kris

"You may not remember but we met at the free clinic in April. You took time to listen to ALL my problems and point me to this newly created site for personal loans. I found a lender and received a personal loan to fix up my house, car and pay off a few credit cards. Thanks you for everything!" ... Peter

"Thank you for this site! I was in need of a personal loan to keep a roof over my head and get me back on my feet. I receive my loan within a week and I am doing much better! Thanks." ... Janet (Mobile, AL)


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